Injectable Viscobeads Technique for an Experimental Glaucoma Model

Non-Invasive Approaches for Early Detection of Glaucoma

Gene Delivery to the Eye for Glaucoma Treatment. Images: MJ Tang

Neuroinflammation at the Early Stage of Experimental Glaucoma

Engineering Tools / Technologies

  • Biomaterials

    Polymeric viscobeads for establishing a reliable, controllable, and inducible experimental glaucoma model
  • Biomechanics

    Biomechanical strategies to investigate the effect of intraocular pressure elevation on the progressive loss of RGCs
  • Bioinstrumentation

    Non-invasive electroretinography recording technique to identify electrophysiological biomarkers of glaucoma
  • Gene therapy

    Ultrasound stimulation system to enhance the penetration of AAV vectors through the inner limiting membrane (ILM)